Less than a week away from the departure of the 105th edition
of the Tour de France.
ELLSWORTH KELLY - Kilometer marker - 1949.


«Nessuno di loro, o quasi, è iscritto ad una società sportiva, neppure come dilettante. Fanno ore e ore di allenamento ogni giorno, parlano di Coppi, Bobet e degli altri assi solo per imitarne l’andatura e la pedalata.»
I girini al parco - Milano 1955 - JACQUELINE VODOZ


Happy birthday Monsieur Roubaix!On the 4th of August 1972, an official sponsoring agreement was signed between ALFREDO GIOS (Bici Gios Torino) and GIORGIO PERFETTI owner of the world famous chewing-gum brand «Brooklyn-la Gomma del...


On the way back from Geneva, we stopped in Lausanne to drink a good beer and meet a good friend. We really love Lausanne, small city with a very “chic” taste of frenchness and not at all swissness. Lausanne is not only ECAL or TAS, we love Lausanne for the « À travers Lausanne » a contre le montre, the tuesday after the Tour de France. The race was like a “red carpet” for the winner of the Tour. The depart was in Quai d’Ouchy and the arrivee, after 4km, in Sauvablin but the Rue du Petit-Chêne was a breakheart hill, 200m at 18% in pavé. The race was won by FAUSTO COPPI, 4 times by EDDY MERCKX, POULIDOR, 5 times by ZOETEMELK and in 1998 after a fantastic Tour, by MARCO PANTANI.


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ITA — Giancarlo corre. Quattro o cinque allenamenti, tra i sessanta e i cento chilometri percorsi  alla settimana, a seconda della gara da preparare. Pioggia, vento, neve, non sono un problema. Se il lavoro o la famiglia non lo permettono, si rinuncia a qualche ora di sonno e l'alba è il momento giusto per allenarsi. La corsa è per Giancarlo un esercizio mentale, prima che fisico; qualcosa che assomiglia ad una meditazione in movimento. SUPERLEGGERO corre con Giancarlo. ENG — Giancarlo runs. Four or five training sessions, between sixty and a hundred kilometres covered every week, depending on the race he's preparing for. Rain, wind, snow, no problem. If work or family commitments don't allow it, he sacrifices a few hours of sleep and trains in the early morning.  For Giancarlo, running is an exercise for the mind rather than the body; something like meditation in movement. SUPERLEGGERO runs with Giancarlo.


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