The new S/S 2023 cotton shoulder-bags

38 is our new genderless cotton shoulder-bag.
Made in Italy of a 100% heavyweight cotton canvas, 38 is available in two different design codes: T90 and aspen'86.
38 features a long shoulder strap, magnetic clasp and a large interior zip pocket.

Travel light! Stay chic!

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38 / aspen'86

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fabric: 100% Italian cotton
size: cm.38x28
weight: gr.220
design code: aspen'86
made in Italy

38 / T90

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fabric: 100% Italian cotton
size: cm.38x28
weight: gr.220
design code: T90
made in Italy

care instructions

We use only natural and very luxurious fabrics and they need care. Cotton, silk, wool and cashmere cannot be treated as synthetic fibre.

Before washing we suggest to turn your bag inside out. We suggest washing in lukewarm water at 30° with soap. Washing-machine is possible but always use a delicate cycle and lukewarm water. Do not use bleach and/or softener. Dry flat or hang on a rack. Iron from the backside.

It is expected that some dye may come off, especially in the first wash, please don't leave wet your bag too long but hang on a rack so that they can dry.

If you have any questions please contact us, we will be glad to assist you with our advice and expertise.

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