hors catégorie

Not a new collection. hors catégorie is the new line of ideas and experiments by superleggero. Selected icons are now assembled using different materials. Mix and match, a work in progress, above category.

Hors catégorie /’Or kategOri/
[hor-se ca-te-go-rie] n. fr.

A French term used at the Tour de France to indicate a climb that is beyond categorisation and by extension, the toughest stages.

The new hors catégorie marks the birth of a new generation of unidentified fashion objects, inspired by cult sci-fi movies, 60's tv shows, 60's and 70's styles and materials, re-worked and adapted to our contemporary spirit.

An epic journey of fashion and exploration!
Flight destination: Moon 2020


the new generation of summer bucket hats


the new generation of summer extra-large bucket hats

35 speciale

the new genderless shoulderbag hors catégorie

54 speciale

the new genderless handbags hors catégorie

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