our silk

A collection of stylish foulards, carrés and chokers, cut in a luxurious and luminous silk, with a unique design influenced by cycling heritage. Genderless, both masculine and feminine, both day and night, are an elegant accessory to add to your wardrobe. Stay chic!

For people who appreciate the value of craftsmanship, unique design and exclusive materials!

Versatile and elegant fashion accessory, cool to wear in summer, yet warm to wear in winter, the foulards come in a square or long shape and are available in our three iconic patterns, red «criterium», white «grimpeur» and «grand-prix». For the next s/s 2020 we introduced «aspen» a new carré 90x90 and 45x45. The foulards are made of the finest and purest «mussola di seta», a old silk yarn, warped, woven, milled and silkscreen-printed in Como, using the old traditional technique «stampa a quadro alla comasca».

Where there's sun, there's silk!

leggera classica

The iconic foulard of our silk collection cut in a luxurious and luminous silk

leggera carré

The new carré of our silk collection cut in a luxurious and luminous silk.

leggera tubolare

The new choker of our silk collection cut in a luxurious and luminous silk

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