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A collection of beanies, snoods and scarves, knitted in the world’s finest and rarest yarns, like Australian extra-fine Merino wool and cashmere, both masculine and feminine, with a unique design inspired by art, heritage sportswear and cycling culture. A mix of innovation and centuries-old craftsmanship, always made in Italy. Stay chic!

Selected precious raw materials, cashmere from the noblest origins and the finest Australian extra-fine Merino wools selected by discerning experts and spun in Italy are transformed into high end yarns that assure an exclusive feel of wonderfully soft natural fibre, ideal for producing a new line of sportswear accessories with a minimal and modern design. For people who appreciate the value of craftsmanship and exclusive materials.

Available as beanies, snoods and scarves, the collection is entirely made in Italy of 70% Australian extra-fine Merino wool and 30% cashmere.

A chic touch to your 2019 winter look!


The iconic beanie and snood of our wool and cashmere collection


The new seamless beanie and snood of our wool and cashmere collection


The new seamless beanie, snood and scarf of our wool and cashmere collection


Second to none! The new balaclava of our wool and cashmere collection

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