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Caspar David Friedrich (05.09.1774 - 07.05.1840)

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From our last shooting at Coco Beach in Nice. Stay chic under the sun!

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à Paris!


Next shooting in Paris, bring your black bikini!

If interested do not hesitate to contact us! Please apply only if really interested and strong motivated!



the brand new bucket hat gerty, the first of a new generation of fashion summer hats

Introducing gerty, the new generation of fashion summer bucket hats.
Get them now and wear them before summer even begins.
Stay chic under the sun!

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spring 2019

Spring 2019 is full in swing in Côte d'Azur

Spring 2019 is in full swing in Côte d'Azur!


introducing: 54 special


Sneak peek of 54 special the brand new handbag hors catégorie.
Mixing and matching cotton and Tyvek, fashion and sport, the new
54 special is made by using our three iconic patterns, silk-screen printed on cotton and hemmed together.
The numbers pinned on each 54 special evoke the «dossard», the race number pinned to the cyclist's jersey. Like the iconic «dossards» the numbers are made of Tyvek, our special tribute to this fantastic material used in the 70’s.
And you? What racing number will you be wearing this summer?


landing soon!

LUNA, the brand new generation of cotton hats

Sneak peek of luna, the brand new generation of high fashion hats for your chic 2019 intergalactic summer!
Made of 100% Italian cotton and red/blue/yellow tinted transparent visor, the hat will be available in two sizes and in our iconic design code, white «grimpeur» red «criterium» and «grand-prix».
The luna adventure is just beginning!


incognito mode?


Need to go incognito? Here 6 ways to stay warm and chic with these luxurious hat masks. Click to see more images.

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