it's gold!


We all cheer on team Russia 2018 men’s ice hockey gold medal win. Photo: ©aerodinamica


happy browsing


We have been waiting for it and we have done it. The new superleggero website is finally online. Today we officially release our new website which was developed in collaboration with Typeklang for the visual design and Kreativ for the webdevelopment. Happy browsing!
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christmas is coming


It’s tree decoration time! Why hang cookies and baubles when you can hang beanies?


when in venice


«…ad un tratto mi venne voglia di bere qualcosa. Voltai verso piazza San Marco sperando che il Florian fosse ancora aperto. Stava chiudendo. Il personale era occupato a togliere le sedie dal portico e ad applicare le tavole di legno alle vetrine. Una breve trattativa con il cameriere che si era già cambiato per andare a casa ma che conoscevo di vista ebbe il risultato voluto e con quel risultato in mano usci da sotto il portico e passai in rassegna le 400 finestre della piazza. C’era un deserto assoluto, non un anima…» - Josif Brodskij - Fondamenta degli Incurabili

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We will be online soon with the new website and a lot of new products for your chic 2018 winter season. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, you won’t be disappointed!      


studio days


We have been busy working on various shoots in one very long day. RALINA GAZIZOVA just finished the final edit of hundred of photos we shot to show the lifestyle for the season. It could not have been done without the support of a few great friends that support us every day. Big thanks to YEGOR and YU, we are so happy to have you in our équipe!

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last days of summer


Faire un break on the Promenade. Octobre à Nice.


get your stripes!


Pink is the new black! The new ÉQUIPE Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection arriving soon. Stay warm, stay chic!

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