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A year has passed since the coronavirus exploded in Europe.Following those first days of fear and disbelief, it occurred to us that if we wished settle back to work we would have to protect ourselves and those close to us. While scientists were...


The new film now on display on our YouTube channel! Stay safe, stay chic!

Foulard Race Leader Aspen86

The new silk carré aspen'86 is our tribute to the "Coors Classic", a race held in North America between...

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Dear customer,
due to the current exceptional situation regarding the covid-19 virus and to protect our team, friends and clients, we have temporarily suspended our activities. Our offices and warehouse will remain closed untill further notice. For any additional information please contact our customers service.
Thank you for your understanding. Stay home, stay safe, stay chic!

Foulard Aspen in Seide

Invitation to a seaside escape.
We do like to be beside the seaside. Don't you?
Resort 2020 collection, new silk carré aspen'86 now available exclusively online.

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Sneak peek of 54 speciale the brand new handbag hors catégorie.
Mixing and matching cotton and Tyvek, fashion and sport, the new
54 speciale is made by using our three iconic design codes, hemmed together. The numbers pinned on each 54 speciale evoke the «dossard», the race number pinned to the cyclist's jersey. Like the iconic «dossards» the numbers are made of Tyvek, our special tribute to this fantastic material used in the 70’s.
And you? What racing number will you be wearing this summer?

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About 35% of the microplastics that enter the sea come via synthetic textiles like polyester, nylon, acrylic, rayon( a synthetic silk). Another 15% from tiny fragments of plastic bags! So please next time buy only natural fibres like cotton, linen, wool or silk and stop using cheap plastic bags!
Be smart, stay chic!

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On ne demande jamais l'âge à une dame. Bon anniversaire!