mardi à Lausanne


On the way back from Geneva, we stopped in Lausanne to drink a good beer and meet a good friend. We really love Lausanne, small city with a very “chic” taste of frenchness and not at all swissness. Lausanne is not only ECAL or TAS, we love Lausanne for the « À travers Lausanne » a contre le montre, the tuesday after the Tour de France. The race was like a “red carpet” for the winner of the Tour. The depart was in Quai d’Ouchy and the arrivee, after 4km, in Sauvablin but the Rue du Petit-Chêne was a breakheart hill, 200m at 18% in pavé. The race was won by FAUSTO COPPI, 4 times by EDDY MERCKX, POULIDOR, 5 times by ZOETEMELK and in 1998 after a fantastic Tour, by MARCO PANTANI.

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