I started superleggero out of the most basic reason: necessity!
Living and riding in very cold towns, like Bolzano in the Dolomiti and in Zürich in the Swiss Alps, it was a basic necessity for me to wear something very warm, breathable, high performing and at the same time, something so chic, elegant and minimal to be worn on the way to the office, grocery store or a special dinner date.

«This was the reason I started superleggero»

The superleggero logo is deeply rooted in art and fashion, in close liaison with heritage sportswear and iconic cycling design. Ranging from cashmere and Australian Merino blends to luxury fibres like silk, from its iconic beanie zero to the super desirable silk foulard leggera the brand upholds the ideal of elegance, freedom and lightness, combining meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, attention to detail and centuries old expertise. Every superleggero product is a work of art.

One year later the iconic zero was born!

cashmere and wool

We were the first to introduce the term «snood» in the cycling world. Designed as a modern combination between a neck warmer and a beanie, the superleggero snood is an evolution of the classic «berretta». And we were the first to use the properties and qualities of the cashmere in a sportswear accessory, a luxury mix of Australian extra-fine Merino wool and cashmere made in Italy, minimal design and superleggero iconic patterns.

The result is our beanie and snood-very warm, yet still very breathable and very lightweight, easy to be folded and put in your bag or your pocket, unisex and passe-partout, to wear while training each morning, but also having a touch of sporty elegance for late afternoon or evening. And because I’m not a «pro», deliberately kept simple and uncluttered by fancy logos or similar decorative elements. A perfect mix of tradition, aesthetic purity and chic minimalism, with a clean and contemporary mood.

The zero collection is inspired by the iconic colours of the most famous cycling races: the «azzurro» of the old jersey of the Nazionale, the «rosa» and «ciclamino» of the jerseys worn by the leader and the best scalatore at the Giro d‘Italia, the «yellow» of the jersey worn by the leader at the Paris-Nice, the beige of the cobbles, mud and dust of the Paris-Roubaix, the grey of the asphalt. Available as beanie and snood, the collection is made of 70% Australian extra-fine Merino wool and 30% Italian cashmere. And for the next winter we introduced three new collections,équipe and mondiale both inspired by the iconic striped cycling jerseys worn in the '70s and '80s and baroudeur a collection of face masks dedicated to the «Cagoule» the winter balaclava used during cold winter trainings.


The idea was to create something new, unique, radically different, both for man and woman, minimal and modern, ecologically correct and made in Italy using the world's finest and rarest raw materials.
With the musette collection we have brought into the city and daily life the handbags 54, 33 and mini contemporary slants on the iconic cyclists’ bag, turning it into a convenient, refined, and elegant accessory. Made in Italy, of 100% heavyweight Italian cotton canvas, silkscreen-printed in Como (Lombardia, Italy – a true «terra di ciclismo») using the old traditional technique «stampa a quadro alla comasca» the collection is available in five sizes and three different patterns, red «criterium», white «grimpeur» and «grand-prix».


leggera is part of the same project, a natural, very light and again more breathable material, with a minimal and modern design, to wear for spring or early fall rides but at the same time a very chic fashion accessory.

For the brand new leggera collection we use the super chic and fabulous «mussola di seta» a 100% silk, warped, woven, milled and silkscreen-printed in Como (Lombardia, Italy – a true «terra di ciclismo») using the old traditional technique «stampa a quadro alla comasca».
The collection is available in three sizes: classicacarré and tubolare all in our three iconic patterns, red «criterium», white «grimpeur» and «grand-prix».

In every leggera you find a piece of cycling heritage